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Bella Thorne may have shown off just a little more than she bargained for while playing in the ocean in Miami.

The stunning actress was photographed by paparazzi leaning down in calf-high water on April 7 in a red floral top and skirt. Her shirt, though, had a mind of its own and rode up, coming dangerously close to revealing her right breast, as it appeared that she wasn't wearing a bra or bikini underneath the outfit.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a quasi wardrobe malfunction, as nothing went wrong with the design of the outfit, although it didn't exactly cover up what it's supposed to cover up.

It appears as though she was likely bending down to pick up a sea shell when she was snapped in the precarious position.

Bella didn't seem to be embarrassed, or maybe she didn't know about her near reveal, as she held up the shell to show her sister, Dani, who Bella was soaking up the South Beach rays with.

The following day, on April 8, Bella easily escaped having a clothing issue, as she had very little of it on. The actress stunned on the beach and showed off her flat tummy and toned body in an itty bitty brown bikini.

She continued to play around on the beach, posting a video to both Instagram and Snapchat showing her from the back while playing with her hair and hanging on the beach next to the W Miami.

As she tousles her curly auburn locks, she notices she's being filmed (likely by her sister) and says, "Oh hey there" to the camera and proceeds to do a bit of a shake for the lens.

The fact that Bella is prancing around in a bikini on the beach is old hat by now.

In March, the actress who turned 18 last October, turned heads on a Malibu, California, beach as she posed for a photoshoot while wearing a teeny-tiny shirt by Mate the Label and high-waisted denim short shorts that showed off a lot of leg.