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The Dark Knight rises, indeed!

After Henry Cavill joked to Jimmy Kimmel that he isn't the biggest fan of his "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" costar Ben Affleck, Ben decided it was time to exact revenge, and it's pretty legendary.

Henry, of course, plays the Man of Steel in the duo's highly-anticipated film, whereas Ben plays Batman.

Love it or hate it, on March 17, Ben decided to make Henry his biggest fan, unbeknown to him.

With Henry away, Ben invaded his costar's dressing room and decorated it entirely in Batman paraphernalia, including posters, mugs and toys. The room was completely plastered with Batman's face.

Ben uploaded a video to Facebook to showcase his prank.

"@HenryCavill, I'm flattered," he humorously captioned the video. "I didn't know you were such a fan! We know #WhoWillWin."

The video shows Ben entered Henry's trailer, autographed a poster for the movie and drew glasses on Henry's character.

"We redecorated Henry's room," Ben said. "I think he'll appreciate it. I think it's much better this way."

Earlier in the week, the oh-so-good-looking Henry said, "I just didn't like him," he said speaking of Ben to the late night host, "just genuine dislike.

"You know, that happens," he continued, "Then you become lovers and make videos with each other."

The same day as Ben's hilarious invasion of privacy, Henry decided to have some fun of his own, sitting in Times Square a rock's throw away from a gigantic poster of his face while wearing a Superman T-shirt.

The problem is, nobody recognized him!

While Henry tests the waters of superhero recognition among New Yorkers, his "Batman v Superman" costar, Ben Affleck, is more focused on maintaining his Batman persona around his 4-year-old son, Samuel.

On the March 16 edition of "Ellen," the father of three opened up about how cool Samuel thinks it is that his dad is Batman and has carte blanche access to the Batcave.

It did take a little coaxing to convince Ben's son that Henry was Superman, though.

"He came to the set. He was a little bit suspicious, too. He was like, 'Is that the real Superman?','" Ben recounted.

"Yes, That's more or less about as real as it gets," Ben told Samuel. "That's the real Superman."