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Bachelor Ben Higgins continues to steal our hearts.

The star of the ABC show sat down with Us Weekly to discuss all things dating, looks and pickup lines. Like he's done thus far on "The Bachelor," he handled it like a pro.

"Early on, I saw myself getting emotional," he said. "And I knew that this was going to be a long road."

He was fine with showing emotion, he said, and didn't feel that he had to "hide" anything to "feel more manly. Real men cry," he said.

During that all-encompassing chat, Ben said he was surprised at how "protective" he felt about the women vying for his heart.

"How much I was feeling for these women definitely surprised me," he said. "I didn't expect myself to be feeling the way I did and for as many women as I did. You do feel a lot of things for multiple people."

There were light-hearted moments of the chat, including Ben detailing how he first had the ole "birds and the bees talk."

"My birds-and-the-bees talk was in fifth grade," he said. "They brought in fake butts and fake anatomy parts. You had to point out what you knew about each. Looking back it was actually kind of creepy."

One thing he certainly hopes he's not with women, though, is creepy. He's also not a smooth operator, either.

"I don't use a lot of pickup lines," he says, adding that he usually starts with, "'Hi, I'm Ben. Nice to meet you.' I don't consider myself somebody that's very smooth."

Coulda fooled us, Ben!