A new report from DailyMail.com reveals that Bill Cosby is being accused of not giving key documents to the women who sued him for defamation after he rebuked their claims that he sexually assaulted them.

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The 80-year-old comedian is involved in a long-time defamation suit brought against him by a number of women in 2014.

One of the first women to make claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her -- Tamara Green, now 69, who says she was assaulted in the 1970s -- was called a liar by the retired actor's team, which prompted her and six other women to bring forward a defamation suit against him. The case has been delayed by Cosby's criminal trial, which ended in June with a hung jury. (He'll be retried.)

Green's team claims Cosby is dragging his feet and not handing over crucial documents necessary for the defamation case. In court papers filed in Massachusetts last week, her lawyer claims the retired comedian is trying to "tilt the playing field even further in his favor" by limiting the case to only third-party discovery.

The papers further allege that he "has enjoyed the benefits of a one-sided stay, free to conduct discovery unhindered while giving up nothing to Plaintiffs in return." Green wants these documents soon, so she and her legal team can continue to develop their case against Cosby.

The former aspiring model first spoke up about Cosby in 2005 during an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News. She also spoke to Newsweek in 2014, calling him a "sexual predator."

Green claims Cosby provided her with pills when she said she wasn't feeling well. He took her home, allegedly acting like he wanted to take care of her, and then stripped her naked and groped her, before he began pleasuring himself as she screamed for help.