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@bindisueirwin / Instagram 1 / 9

... And to dad goes the assist! Bindi Irwin earned her driver's license this week thanks in one way to her late father.

Bindi passed the test while driving around in Steve Irwin's old truck.

"Thank you so much to Constable Joshua Little and Queensland Police for testing me today and giving me my license," she captioned a photo taken with the instructor on March 22. "It was wonderful to take my test in St George and pass the first time and in my Dad's giant old ute!"

The past year has obviously been a heck of a ride for the girl that the world first got to know as Steve's bright-eyed daughter in khakis.

In November she won "Dancing With The Stars" with her partner Derek Hough.

"I can't believe I'm here. I'm this girl from Australia who works with wildlife, and I got to learn how to dance and now I'm here and it's all thanks, honestly, to Derek for always believing in me and staying strong," an overjoyed Bindi said at the time. "I'm so, so lucky!"

During the season, Bindi often referred to her dad and even paid tribute to him when she gave a very emotional tribute to her dad during a contemporary dance routine set to the song "Every Breath You Take."

The evening's theme was the "most memorable year," in which she naturally picked 2006 when she lost her beloved father.

"You know, it's been nine years, and I never really dwelled on that point when he did pass away," she explained on the show that was the moment that "shaped" her the most. "I think that I'm kind of ready to tell that story."

Really, Bindi has become a more prominent pop culture figure since last year when she posted a black and white selfie that caught people's attention, especially given her more mature look.

"I was amazed at how much it exploded -- I didn't expect that," she said of the selfie. "I really didn't ever post selfies before, but it occurred to me, after talking to some friends, how much pressure is put on young people to look and act a certain way.

"We're all growing up and changing. I wanted to tell young girls -- and boys -- to stay true to who you are and not let anyone change you. You have to be able to accept yourself and know you're gorgeous inside [and] out. It's hard sometimes."