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As Madonna's bitter custody battle with Guy Ritchie over their 15-year old son Rocco rages on, the singer is facing more criticism and concern from another man connected to her family.

According to The Daily Mail, the biological father of the singer's adopted son, David, spoke to The Sun about his concerns over the legal battle that seems to drag on.

"'Madonna and Guy's custody battle turning bitter and nasty is a huge concern," said Malawian farmer Yohane Banda, 42. He said he's worried about David, 10, who continues to be separated from his older brother.

Banda continued, "I'd like to know what's going on behind closed doors and why Rocco wanted to leave his mum and live with his dad like that."

The superstar and her director ex-husband have been in court since December, with Rocco maintaining that he'd rather live with his father in the U.K.

And while these events are undoubtedly stressful for Madonna, 57, a Radaronline report that she snagged a hot, young boyfriend just might be easing her pain.

The site claims that Madonna has allegedly developed a friends with benefits kind of relationship with a model named Aboubakar Soumahoro.

"They were at a party together back in November when they got chatting, and hit it off straight away," a source told the Sunday Mirror, adding Soumahoro was also spotted on Madge's Rebel Heart Tour stops in South America.

Apparently, things progressed from there and Soumahoro, who is originally from the Ivory Coast, began spending more time with the singer. "Over the next few weeks, they got together a couple more times and she invited him over to her place, where they sat up all night talking," said the Madonna and Soumahoro source.

"The next thing we heard," continued the friend, "he had quit his job and had gone out to meet her on tour. It's obviously a very close friendship."