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3rd Eye / WENN 1 / 6

Blac Chyna's car was involved in a horrific accident and now the driver -- allegedly an individual other than the model -- is a fugitive from justice.

According to TMZ -- who obtained exclusive photos of the terrifying aftermath of the accident -- Chyna's white BMW collided with another vehicle after speeding and blowing through a stop sign in the Los Angeles area around 1:30 in the morning on Nov. 8.

The BMW reportedly crashed into a pole and a fire hydrant, and all three passengers in the second vehicle were injured.

TMZ reports that the three injured passengers saw two women in mini skirts get out of the BMW and jump into a car that had been following behind them.

Because the two women abandoned the BMW without contacting authorities or providing contact information, the police have now opened a hit-and-run investigation.

According to a TMZ source, Blac Chyna was not driving at the time of the incident and, in fact, had not been out at all that night. The model frequently lets friends borrow her car, the source adds, speculating that one of her pals was likely behind the wheel during the accident.

Chyna's lawyer echoed that assertion to TMZ, alleging that the model was not involved in the crash, nor was she at the scene of the accident.

Unfortunately, she could still be held accountable for her pals' mistake if, in fact, she gave the driver permission to borrow her car. Under California law, the owner and the driver are both legally responsible when a vehicle is involved in an accident.

Chyna doesn't appear to be sweating the situation, though. It's been business as usual for the model in the wake of the accident. She's shared several photos and videos of herself on Instagram since Sunday.