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It's a sign! No really, it is.

In her newest video for "Make Me Like You," a video she shot live during the Grammy Awards on Feb. 15, Gwen Stefani performed at times under a neon sign that said "Blake's."

That sign is now going home with Gwen's boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

The sign hung over a bar toward the end of Gwen's four-minute video, all but confirming the public's belief that the song is about the country superstar.

After the song, Blake was seen holding the unplugged sign bearing his name.

"Look who walked away with one of our props," producer Mary Ellen Duggan captioned an Instagram snap of Blake holding the neon sign. "Thanks for being apart of the video @blakeshelton."

Blake, according to many fans, was more than just alluded to in the video -- many people claim they actually saw him in the video sitting in a chair by the bar.

The couple has been together since November.

The music video was very unique in that it was a continuous live shot that involved seven costume changes and 11 different scenes. In one scene in the video, Gwen roller skates and took a tumble, but according to a rep, Gwen's spill was planned.

Billboard magazine said that Gwen fell into Blake's arms immediately after the video ended and said "Thank god I found you."

The video was a collaboration with Target.

Blake seems to be as all in on Gwen as she is with him, too. On Feb. 11, the day that Gwen's single came out, Blake tweeted a picture of him downloading the song.

"You can probably understand the multiple reasons why I just bought this," he tweeted. "I hope you do to!!! @gwenstefani."