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Angelina Jolie is one lucky lady!

Not only is Brad Pitt one of the best looking men in the world, but he cooks too! And when it comes time for the Thanksgiving feast, Brad told Extra, "I'm all over that turkey!"

The handsome 51-year-old attended the New York City premiere of his latest flick, "The Big Short," on Nov. 22, and shared with reporters that he'll be active in the kitchen for the big holiday.

"I'll get in there, I'll mess it up a little bit," Brad shared, which comes as no surprise to those who follow the superstar couple. The two did a rare joint interview earlier in the month with Tom Brokaw for "Today" and opened up about the kitchen duties in their busy household.

40-year-old Angelina confessed that cooking is one area in which she's not an expertise.

"Every three months I'll say, 'Honey, I think I should learn how to cook,"' Angelina shared with Tom.

Brad piped in with his typical reaction, "I just humor it. But really, she has no business in the kitchen."

And when it comes to making meals for Christmas? Angelina previously shared that her family prefers her to bow out. The mother-of-six told Today.com in January 2015, "Nobody in my house wants me to do any cooking on Christmas Day. I have no patience! I start things and then I get distracted and l go and I'll start reading over there, or start playing outside with the kids."

Angelina instead gave praise to her husband of over a year, admitting she's not able to make basic spaghetti but that Brad picks up the slack. "I think you have to be very patient to cook, I'd be designated to the chopping board! Brad would be really good at the timing and organization."

We'd take cooking by Brad or take out ordered by Angelina any day at the Jolie-Pitt home!