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Bradley Cooper is just like us -- he has a great affinity for fast food.

The star, who turned 41 on Jan. 5, revealed that his most memorable birthday celebration came under the golden arches.

Asked by W Magazine's The Scene to detail his best birthday, the heartthrob actor gave a deep fried answer and probably one that no one expected, considering he's been surrounded by the glitz and glamor of Hollywood for quite a while.

"I'm just going to tell you the first thing that comes in my head," he said. "It was McDonald's. We used to have birthdays at McDonald's when I was growing up."

"That was a big thing -- McDonald's or like at a roller skating rink," he said. "But I really remember enjoying those McDonald's birthdays."

In the interview, Bradley spoke about his love of Big Macs and Egg McMuffins. As a child he would get a meal and head to the New Jersey shore.

"I just loved the little trays with the party, they would come in boxes," he said. "Every kid would have little party boxes that you would then eat all your stuff in."

The fact that he chose to dive deep into his birthday archives for his favorite celebration isn't lost on Bradley either, especially considering he played a world class chef in the recent film "Burnt."

"I don't know what it says that I had to go back to eight years old to tell you my favorite birthday," he joked.

Somewhere Ronald McDonald is smiling.