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Show me the money! Bristol Palin just got a whole lot richer at the hands of her ex.

The controversial daughter of Sarah Palin scored a major victory in court. Documents, obtained by TMZ, order Levi Johnston to pony up nearly $62,000 to Bristol for their 7-year-old son, Tripp.

The former couple had been battling in the courts for years, but recently found common custody ground. The back child support was the last thing they needed to hash out.

The couple is reportedly in a good place in their custody agreement and Levi plans to slowly make payments to Bristol to chip away at the $61,915.20 owed.

On Feb. 23, Levi announced that he and Bristol agreed to joint custody, taking to Facebook to announce his good news.

"I'm so happy to have my son in my life, and to put all of this back in forth in the courts behind me," Levi wrote of his fight to establish legal rights to his son. "It might have taken me 7 years and cost me around $100,000 in lawyer fees, spread out among 3 different lawyers, as well as a lot of patience, but it was all worth it."

In 2013, Levi filed a petition seeking equally custody of Tripp with Sarah Palin's daughter. Bristol, at the time, fought his request, saying that he owed her $66,000 in child support.

Levi says the vitriol is in the past and they can now focus on raising their son with an equal amount of time.

"I'm happy now to be successfully co-parenting. Although I do owe some back child support, altogether I have paid $50,000 in child support for Tripp, which is $600 a month, since Tripp's birth so at the end of the day I know I have worked hard to meet my obligations as a father," Johnston wrote.

"Despite what some have heard I've always been there for him, and I go to almost every school event that I can and spend all of my free time with my kids," he continued. "Right now life is really looking up for our family."