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Britney Spears' initial music video for "Make Me" was just "too sexy," according to the director of the video, which caused her to scrap it.

But Britney's team balks at that notion, saying there were severe flaws with the video, which is why it was 86'd.

Legendary photographer David LaChapelle was initially given the nod to direct the video, but things didn't go well. TMZ quotes sources associated with David who said Britney's team rejected the video because they felt it was just "too sexy."

The website spoke with members of the Britney's team and they said that wasn't the case at all. In fact, Britney's team said they were very disappointed in David's video because it was "utterly disjointed... pointless with no story line."

The pop star scrapped David and went with director Randee St. Nicholas. With Randee's vision Brit felt that the video was much more complete and had a story line.

The song, which is awfully sexual, has done quite well for Britney, taking over the top spot on the iTunes chart from her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake in mid July.

"This is an incredible feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤️ #MakeMe," she tweeted after the song topped the charts.

Up-and-coming rapper G-Easy, who was featured in the song, seemed indebted to the pop mainstay, tweeting at her, "Thank you @britneyspears for the opportunity," along the praying hands emoji. Britney tweeted back, "Thank YOU for taking the song to the next level 🙌."

Britney certainly has a great start to her new album, which she told E! was "my baby."

In an interview with V magazine earlier this year she said the album, which she's been working on for two years, is "the best thing I've done in a long time. I'm proud of the work, and it's very different; it's not what you would think at all."