Prince Harry doesn't have a new girl in his life, but you wouldn't know it by the Internet's response to one particular photo.

Olivia Tallent, whose father Garry plays in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, posted a snap of her and the royal on both Twitter and Instagram from backstage at Springsteen's latest show, and her caption sparked wild rumors.

On Twitter, she captioned the snap "new boyfriend."

Her Instagram post of the same picture fueled more speculation when she wrote, "Princess Olivia has a pretty nice ring to it, right?"

In the image, Prince Harry has his arm around Olivia's waist and she is doing the same to him. Harry, who dressed down for the concert, wears a black T shirt. Really, it's a pretty generic can-I-get-a-photo-with-you type of picture. Fans online, though, are wondering if there is more to the story, with many of them vocalizing their jealously.

The band clearly had fun with the image, too.

Springsteen's guitarist and "The Sopranos" star Steve van Zandt posted the pic and joked, "Royalty visits Wembley! But who's the guy the Princess of E Street is with?"

She later took to Snapchat to post a photo of a sunglasses-wearing Harry from the side of the stage. "Wasn't lying guys... He's right here," she said.

Based on her social media, Olivia, 19, has joined her father during the band's European tour, as she's posted several photos documenting her trip. She's actually developed a bit of a following, as well, as fans have clamored to get pictures with her.

Her meeting with the affable royal, though, was nothing more than just a meeting.

"I'm not actually dating Prince Harry, guys. Let's not be ridiculous here," she tweeted on June 6.

She later tweeted out a story written by the UK-based Daily Mail about her encounter with Harry. She wrote, "I mean, come on………," along with several emojis indicting the ridiculousness of the story.

So for all the women out there, rest assured, Prince Harry is still single, so you all have a chance… sort of… probably not.