Kevin Mazur / KCA2016 / WireImage 1 / 4
Kevin Mazur / KCA2016 / WireImage 1 / 4

So much slime!

Vine star Cameron Dallas and YouTuber Bethany Mota were up for the ultimate slime prize decided by viewer votes at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards, and Cameron won!

The look on Bethany's face was pure shock as Cameron faced green slime from every direction inside of the ultimate slime soaker.

Fans casted votes live for the moment, and Cameron was a great sport about it, even though he did want to see Bethany get drenched in green.

"Haha @BethanyMota doesn't want to get slimmed but I think we should just vote for her just because she doesn't want too," he tweeted out earlier on March 12.

Bethany responded with, "I reeeeeeally wanna see @camerondallas get slimed tonight here at the #KCAs.. Just saying 😏."

Both Bethany and Cameron have large followings on their social media platforms. Cameron has over 6.5 million followers on Twitter, and Bethany has nearly 3 million.

As for Vine, Cameron has developed an impressive audience of 9.2 million. Bethany's following is largest on her YouTube channel. She has nearly 10 million subscribers.

Ultimately, the fans chose Cameron for the slime today, but needless to say, they're both winners when it comes to the amount of people that engage with them online on a daily basis.

After Cameron got slimed, the entire audience also got some green goo. At the end of the show, host Blake Shelton was left dripping in it too.

There truly was enough slime to go around for everyone at this year's KCAs!