Carly Rae Jepsen can call us any day!

We totally wanted to jump on the phone with the singer-songwriter to dish about her new track "Supernatural." When we found out the version we'd listened to had actually been leaked, we felt awful. But luckily, Carly let the leak roll off her back.

Ahead of her big performance at LA Pride on June 12, 2016, the "Call Me Maybe" hit-maker gave a ring and explained the song is still in the works with Danny L. Harle and Nate Campany, who thought of her for the track.

"It's not quite done yet," she said. "We've got a bunch of new versions so I think whatever leaked might just be like the baby version of it, but I'm really excited for what it's turning out to be."

When can expect to hear final version?

"I'm not 100% sure of the release plan," she said, "but I can say I got a new mix of it last night, and my boyfriend and I were dancing to it on the patio and getting exciting and gearing up for the video ideas."

Speaking of her boyfriend, director David Kalani Larkins, Carly confirmed that they are not engaged despite the rumors, but they continue to inspire one another.

"We always help each other with creative projects," she revealed. "I think that's the fun thing about being two-like minded artists is you get to play off of each other when you have an idea. We're always dreaming up projects together."

One of those projects happens to be her "Run Away With Me" music video.

"We were traveling together and doing a promo tour," she explained. "He was sort of doing little videos as we went, and when we put them together, it just felt like the most perfect version of the 'Run Away' music video."

As for her new music, she has a lot to live up to after "Call Me Maybe."

"There definitely was a feeling that this song got bigger than expected," she admitted of her mega hit. "I had some really good advice thrown my way that it didn't have to feel like pressure and that instead, it could be this gigantic opportunity to have a platform to show the other sides of what I like to do musically and I love pop music but for me, it was the opportunity to make the type of pop music I really wanted to make."

In particular, she's been inspired by disco.

"I didn't grow up with disco as a main influence in my life," she said. "It was just something that kind of happened. It feels like a natural attraction. It doesn't mean that's what the new album will be. There's this really intense cheesy kind of disco and then this really cool kind of understated disco as well, and I'm hoping to find more of the latter."

Carly plans to "hunker down" and write some of her new music when she hits Sweden in a few weeks. She describes it as a place with "like-minded writers and really fantastical producers."

What else will be "fantastical?" Carly's LA Pride performance.

We can expect performances of songs from her latest album, "Emotion." Plus she'll play a couple tunes that were exclusive releases in Japan and haven't been released in the U.S. yet, and of course she'll belt out "Call Me Maybe!"

"This is the first time we've played in two weeks, which at the pace we've been going sounds like a long time so we're really pumped," she said. "LA Pride is such an honor to be a part of. We're pulling out all the stops with the production tricks we got, and I think I actually won a bet where the boys have promised to wear whatever outfit I want them to wear."

And what exactly will these garments look like? "Let's just say there's not a lot to it!" she added.

Get ready to party!