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Cat Cora is getting divorced and her estranged wife is looking to cut into the famous chef's wallet.

According to TMZ, Cat and Jennifer Cora's marriage has "disintegrated" and a custody battle is likely to ensue over their four children.

Both Cat and Jennifer filed divorce documents on the same day. In the papers, Cat is asking for joint physical custody. Meanwhile, Jennifer is asking for full custody of their four sons -- one of whom was carried by Cat, while the other three were carried by Jennifer.

They've been married since 2013.

Jennifer, as expected, is also asking for spousal support, likely because Cat is far more successful financially.

Since breaking into the TV chef scene in 2005, Cat has been a mainstay, appearing on "Iron Chef America" and "Cutthroat Kitchen." The Food Network star ran into a bit of a speed bump in 2012 when she was busted for DUI, but she has managed to rebuild her personal TV brand. She also operates four restaurants.

Earlier this year, she wrote a book titled "Cooking As Fast As I Can" in which she speaks about her successful career, but also her struggles, which included a childhood abuse.

"I'm a positive person...but my life hasn't been easy at times," she told CBS while describing her book. She spoke of a family friend abusing her as a six year old girl.

"When that happens to you at such a young age, you really do feel like you're alone in the world," she said.

Rather than feel sorry for herself, she said she channeled her childhood trauma as a drive for success.

"I think that for me it was about, 'I will not let the same and the guilt stop me,'" she said.