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Celebrities react to Anton Yelchin's death

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"Star Trek" actor Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the J.J. Abrams films, died on June 19 after being hit by his own car in his driveway in Los Angeles, according to the Associated Press. At just 27, he was already known as a rising star with major talent. Keep reading to see how his peers and friends in Hollywood are reacting to his death on social media.

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"This is unreal. Anton Yelchin is such a talent. Such a huge loss." - Anna Kendrick

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"Anton Yelchin was a bright, brilliant talent, and a truly kind person. I was so taken by him, and won't ever forget his sweet smile. RIP" - Olivia Wilde

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"Anton Yelchin was one of my best friends. Can't say anything that conveys what this feels like" - Kat Dennings

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"our dear friend. our comrade. our anton. one of the most open and intellectually curious people i have ever had the pleasure to know. so enormously talented and generous of heart. wise beyond his years. and gone before his time. all love and strength to his family at this impossible time of grief." - Zachary Quinto

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"I loved Anton Yelchin so much. He was a true artist - curious, beautiful, courageous. He was a great pal and a great son. I'm in ruins." - John Cho

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"My condolences to all who lost Anton Yelchin. He was a great talent and it remains joy to watch his work." - Gabourey Sidibe

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"I first saw Anton Yelchin in Charlie Bartlett and became an immediate fan. He was incredibly talented. This is so sad." - Natalie Morales

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"Devastated about Anton Yelchin. He was a very sweet kid. My heart goes out to his family" - Hank Azaria

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"Anton Yelchin just died in a car wreck. So damn sad. I met him and his Mom on a plane once. They were very sweet." - Kevin Smith

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"The sweetest, most humble, delightful, talented guy you'd ever meet. Worked together for about a year. Shocked." - Guillermo del Toro

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"You were brilliant. You were kind. You were funny as hell. And you weren't here nearly long enough. Missing you, JJ." - JJ Abrams

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"Devastated to hear about the brilliant Anton Yelchin. He was thoughtful, kind, and gifted. My thoughts and prayers are with his family." - Chris Evans

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"Terrible news about Anton Yelchin, crazily talented actor gone too soon." - Stephen King

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