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Heartbreaking. One day after Celine Dion's husband Rene Angelil passed following a courageous battle with cancer, it's been revealed that her older brother is also fighting for his life.

Daniel Dion could have only a few hours to live as he's been fighting brain, tongue and throat cancer in Montreal.

Daniel is currently surrounded by family.

"Mom arrived very quickly in Montreal. She is 89 years old and she is very strong. It is surrounded, the whole family together. We are with Daniel, day and night," Celine's sister Claudette Dion told the Journal of Montreal. "He is 59 years old, very young to be the end of life."

Claudette tearfully continued, "It's very painful. It's a matter of days or hours. It looks a lot like René, he had cancer of the throat, tongue and brain. Our family is very experienced."

After Rene's death, Celine canceled her Las Vegas concerts for January. The couple had been married for 21 years and he made constant appearances at her Caesars Palace shows. When she returned to the Las Vegas stage in August after a year-long break, Rene looked on from a VIP area.

"The reason we did not come back before was because I wasn't emotionally ready to come back," she said before that first show back. "My husband and my family needed me. They still do."

At 73, René fought three different bouts of cancer, his most recent being throat cancer. Celine was open about his fight against the disease, venting her frustrations in an interview with USA Today in August.

"We have asked [doctors] many times, how long does he have, three weeks, three months? René wants to know. But they say they don't know," she explained. The superstar also voiced her undying support for her husband, explaining, "I'll say, 'You're scared? I understand. Talk to me about it'… And René says to me, 'I want to die in your arms.' Okay, fine, I'll be there, you'll die in my arms."

As she stood by her dying brother's side, Celine's sister lauded Rene, calling him an "outstanding" man.

"We received a lot of support and comfort after the announcement of his death. It shows how much he was great and he left no one indifferent. In sentencing, it is heartening to see how much he was loved," she said.

"He told her how much he loved her," Claudette said. "It was a team. He told her she was his favorite singer. Celine returned to the stage to René because it was the best medicine for him and because he asked. You know, she did that for René."