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Always pay off your credit card, kids. Especially if it's an American Express.

While that's a lesson most people are taught by their parents, Martin Sheen clearly didn't pass on this information to son Charlie Sheen.

The actor is currently in hot water over an extremely high credit Platinum American Express bill. The American Express card in question is one of the most exclusive the company offers, with an annual fee of $450 and many travel perks, but comes with some stipulations. The card is actually a charge card that doesn't set a limit and doesn't charge any interest -- and requires in return that the balance be paid off in full every month.

Charlie Sheen is currently finding out the hard way what happens when that amount isn't paid. The credit card company is currently suing him for his exorbitant unpaid balance of $287,879.28, which was due back on March 12, 2016.

Included in the amount that he owes American Express? A massive late fee of $8,357.69.

Charlie's response to all of this is surprisingly understanding. When contacted by TMZ, the former "Two and a Half Men" star told the outlet, "If I was AMEX, I'd be suing me too!"

As far as who's to blame, Charlie isn't exactly owning up to the mishap. The actor is blaming the unpaid bill on his business manager, who he claims was supposed to handle the bill.

Unfortunately for Charlie, this is not his only ongoing legal battle. The star, who revealed he was HIV positive back in 2015, is also currently battling exes Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller over unpaid child support payments.

The mothers of Charlie's children have alleged teamed up together, after reportedly not being paid the $10,000 they're both owed each month. Both women share two children each with the actor, Denise has daughters Sam and Lola, while Brooke is the mother to twin boys Max and Bob.

Though at first glance the child support payments look high, their amounts have drastically dropped. Originally Charlie owed the women $55,000 a month, but had his payments reduced after no longer working on his show "Two and a Half Men." He reportedly claimed he lost that job on purpose for that very reason and get his payments reduced.

Bet he's wishing he had that "Two and a Half Men" money now!