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So, you're saying there's a chance! Charlotte McKinney has no love life right now. Zero.

But, she's "open" to a romance. All she need is a funny guy who isn't arrogant.

"I am so, so single right now," she said during an interview with E! News. "It's so funny. I'm like, even in hair and makeup, I'm like, 'I am so single, it's crazy.' Usually I have some little things here and there."

She continued, "Starting this year off, I've been really focused on work. But I'm really out there. I'm open, I'm here!"

The model and "Baywatch" actress split with actor Stephen Dorff last year after dating for a year. She's also been linked to hunky actor Scott Eastwood, but she says the two are "just friends."

"We talk all the time," she said of Scott. "He's always filming somewhere, I'm doing something, so whenever we can see each other, we see each other. But [he's] just a good friend of mine."

So, the million dollar question, if she doesn't see Scott as a romantic partner, what is she looking for in a man?

"A lot of people know, for me, my biggest thing is humor," she said. "A funny guy and that doesn't take themselves too serious and who doesn't talk about themselves all day. That's what I find in L.A.—that every there's a lot of guys who just, yeah, just overdo it on themselves."

Something tells us there will be no shortage of candidates lining up really soon.