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Don't mess with Cher. The legendary singer has long been the focus of many magazine covers, but one tabloid has really dug it's heels in over the last year, even going so far as to claim Cher was dying.

That tabloid was the National Enquirer, which has proven itself to be hardly a beacon of truth, especially when it comes to Cher.

Now, Cher is biting back in anticipation of another story that is rumored to be blasted in the pages in an upcoming issue of that magazine.

Apparently Cher got word that the tabloid is set to print a story about a feud she's having with her son, Elijah Blue Allman, her son with classic rocker Gregg Allman.

In a torrential series of tweets, some of them nonsensical, Cher shamed the magazine and someone who she called an "obsessed hater," accusing them of selling stories to the Enquirer.

Cher said the tabloid and the "hater" are trying to "OBLITERATE ME.RUIN MY 51 YRS OF WORK.WE KNOW TRUTH.HE WAS ANGRY& LYING."

She said people won't respect the report anyway.

"1 Obsessed Hater's gone 2enquirer w/Stories About me.. Gut wrenching &UNTRUE. Family fights r bad," she wrote. "Ours was horrible.I AM WHO I SAY I AM."

The strange incident seems to involve Cher's best friend Paulette Howell. Cher thinks the person selling stories is obsessed with her friend, not her.

"U said u'd make us pay," Cher said in another tweet. "I just never thought someone would be so obsessed with My Friend that they would try & DESTROY ME."

Another tweet about her fight with her son said, "My son was furious with me & May have Written (Doctored?) scathing,Twts/Txts!! person got'em&SOLD'em 2rag mag. She told us pain was coming."

Cher let those tweets stew for a few hours but they didn't sit well with her, as he fired off another on March 2, saying "OK,FOUND MY ARMOR PLATED BIG GIRL G-STRING. IM READY," she said, adding, I'VE BEEN THROUGH WORSE THAN THIS. BATTLED LIES &ENQUIRER ALL MY LIFE."

Last year the Enquirer had a cover story that said "Cher Dying."

Thanks to this upcoming story, it seems that because of the tabloid, she's more alive than ever.