Chris Brown is not happy with his baby's mama!

The 27-year-old singer called out Nia Guzman on social media over the way she dressed their 2-year-old daughter Royalty for a dance class.

"It's crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16," he wrote on this Instagram of Royalty. "I ain't cool wit that. She is 2!!!!"

The outfit that has him riled up is a black tutu with a leotard and leg warmers, and many followers were quick to agree with Chris because of the child's pose.

Oops #Royalty's mom clapped back at #ChrisBrown

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One follower commented, "Chris has a point. This pose is not okay. She's a baby!"

Nia responded on the Instagram post, "If anybody thinks something is wrong with a baby... mad at the world in dance class... in her TUTU... U need to go pray! #Namaste"

In a series of posts that have since been deleted, Chris continued to explain that it was more than the outfit.

"Dance class is fine even with the leotard..the pics just looks risky in my opinion, this isn't a debate. She is 2. I ain't talking about it on social media any longer. I said my opinion," he wrote before he deleted his comments.

This is not the first time that Chris and Nia have disagreed over their parenting.

In January, Nia filed papers to change his visitation rights. She claimed that he gave Royalty asthma by smoking in front of her.

She also requested that the judge order Chris to take regular drug tests.

Last week, the singer was reportedly kicked off a private plane in Miami after the pilot smelled marijuana.

At the time, Chris denied the TMZ report, which said that he and his friends had been "thrown off a private jet for allegedly hotboxing the aircraft."

In an Instagram video, he was driving around the South of France and said, "Cannes we are here! We're gonna party up, turn up tonight… I can't wait. It seems someone on TMZ saying we got escorted off a plane…why the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off the plane?!" he continued. "One marijuana smoke on the plane, I think we kinda learned our lesson…I don't really think we need drugs on the plane, but you should probably check with the pilot."

It's safe to say that Chris is not afraid to tell us how he really feels on Instagram.