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Is Chris Brown trying to protect the people who robbed his home and held his aunt at gunpoint back in July? Or is he afraid to snitch?

Months after Breezy's home was invaded, the singer is still not cooperating with requests for information from police, according to a new TMZ report.

According to the website's sources, Chris has avoided detailing the items that were stolen when four people broke into his house in the San Fernando Valley one night while he was at a club appearance.

Shortly after the incident, TMZ and GossipCop reported Chris was concerned he may have known the perpetrators of the crime, which seemed to have been timed to go down when he was safely out of the house. He was also reportedly concerned that a promoter may have been involved, since he had recently earned a $50,000 fee from another club appearance and was storing the cash in his home safe.

Police were also investigating the possibility of a gang connection in the crime, according to earlier reports. (Chris was once connected with a branch of the Bloods gang, GossipCop reported.)

At this point, police only have fingerprints from one item that was dropped by one of the four burglars, according to TMZ. They have yet to find a match.