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The Internet is going crazy these days with news that Chris Evans is dating actress Jenny Slate.

The newest issue of Us Weekly reports that the duo recently went on a double date with Chris' brother, Scott, at Hollywood eatery Magnolia in March. The new couple apparently met while filming the movie "Gifted" together.

"I didn't know what to expect when I met Chris. I was a little scared because I kind of felt like, Well, I don't know him. He's a giant man with huge muscles and he's Captain America," she told Anna Faris' podcast last month in a joint interview. "How could we ever connect? [But the] first night that we hung out, I was like, Wow, I could hang out with Chris for, like, 90 hours."

Chris felt equally as smitten. "Oddly enough, I've only known Jenny for a few months, which is insane to say because we're like the same animal," he said during the same interview.

But, while we all know Chris — after all, he is Captain America — not nearly as much is known about Jenny. Here are five things to know about Chris' new lady.

1. She's newly single. It was reported earlier this month that Jenny had split with her husband of three years, Dean Fleischer-Camp. "It wasn't a bad breakup," a source told Us, saying that the couple simply grew apart.

2. She's really funny. How funny is Jenny? Well, she's hilarious enough to be on "SNL." After appearing as a "talking head" for VH1, where she quipped on all things pop culture, Jenny stared worked with Jimmy Fallon on his late night now (the one he had before the "Tonight Show.") Through that, she landed a gig on "SNL," where she starred for a year.

3. She's a well-known voice actress. In 2010 Jenny co-wrote a YouTube video called "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On." The video went viral almost immediately and now has over 27 million views. Through that, she got offered other gigs and has lent her voice to "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked," "The Lorax" and "Zootopia," among others.

4. She's guest starred in a lot of shows. Jenny isn't a household name like Chris, but you probably know her face. She's been in a ton of shows, but is rarely the focal point. She's had bit roles in "Girls," "Raising Hope," "Bob's Burgers," "Parks & Recreation," "Hello Ladies," "Kroll Show," "House of Lies" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." She was a main character in "Obvious Child" and was she was prominently featured in the FX show "Married."

5. She considers herself a feminist. In an interview with MTV News in June 2014, she said, "Am I a feminist? F— yeah, I'm a feminist! I think that unfortunately, people who are maybe threatened by feminism think that it's about setting your bra on fire and being aggressive, and I think that's really wrong and really dangerous."