Chris Rock has been on the defensive all week long after he posted a tweet that seemed to severely shade Selena Gomez.

For all intense and purposes, the comedian basically called her a poor man's Beyonce.

The anger-inducing tweet was actually a meme that he shared showing a picture of Selena in concert, donning a metallic dress. The words above the picture says, "when you buy your formation tickets on craigslist," a reference to Bey's Formation world tour.

Chris posted the meme and commented, "This is true," inciting Selena's fan club, affectionately known as the Selenators, to ironically take a page out of the Beyhive's book and blast the funny man.

"@chrisrock Selena gomez is better than you shut up," one fan commented. Another one said, "@chrisrock I hope you feel good about yourself now. A grown man has to slam a young woman to make himself feel better. That's sad Chris."

Some accused the 2016 Oscars host of trying to use Selena to gain attention, based off of her huge social media following, and others tried to throw it back in his face saying he is a "craigslist version of Kevin Hart."

Another reamed him and mentioned that his children loved Selena. The fans seem to be correct, too. In 2010, Chris and his daughters Lola and Zahra got a photo with Selena at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Chris wasn't about to back down from the controversy either. A day after his controversial tweet, he reposted it with the caption: "ICYMI: 'This is true.'"

Oddly, a smattering of the Beyhive, Beyonce's diehards, were offended by the tweet, too, but not for reasons you would expect.

"Selena can't sing. Don't compare her to beyonce," one person said.

The pop star hasn't commented on the fiasco, and it's likely that she won't. Perhaps she's just choosing to "Kill 'Em With Kindness."