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So, we should believe everything that we read or no? For the past three years, there has been report after report indicating that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating.

For the past three years, they've both denied it.

However, one of Jamie's friends may have spilled the beans and revealed that her pal and the "Dawson's Creek" alum are indeed an item.

"[He's a] good friend of mine," former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Claudia Jordan said on the Allegedly podcast on Tuesday.

"He is very happy with her," Claudia said when asked about the status of Jamie's romance with Katie. "I like that he seems very happy."

However, less than 24 hours after making the comments, Claudia backtracked and said she "misspoke."

"I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I've never seen them together, he's never told me he's dating her."

She continued, "A lot of times, I get asked questions about celebrities — some I know, some I don't — a lot of times we just give a safe kind of generic answer. Sorry to not have this bombshell story, but I cannot confirm them."

Claudia's semi-confirmation/backtracked confirmation comes as many wonder if perhaps Jamie and Katie have taken it to the next level. Earlier this year, Suri's mom was spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger.

The two were first spotted dancing together in August 2013 at a party in New York. Since then, they've been rumored to have taken part in a ton of secret rendezvous. In 2014, the New York Post said she flew private (as to not draw attention) to California to stay with Jamie at his home around the Grammys. They also reportedly hooked up during Super Bowl weekend last year but appeared separately at the game. A New Year's meet-up in Miami was also rumored.

Fast forward to 2015, where it was revealed that Katie says those three magic words to him, "I love you." She also reportedly wore a disguise to meet up with him in secret in Los Angeles, Us Weekly reported.

"Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years," Jamie responded to a paparazzo's question about how things were going with Katie in 2015, saying the two were "just friends."

In late April, a report came out claiming that their never-confirmed romance was on the rocks because Jamie is afraid of going public with it.

"Katie has grown weary of playing hide-and-seek with their relationship," a source told the National Enquirer, who on occasion gets things correct. "After several years skulking about with him on the down low, she desperately wants their coupling to be fully out of the closet and in full bloom."