Coco Austin's baby Chanel just got all dolled up for a new glamor shot.

The 14-week old daughter of Coco and Ice-T is sleeping in a new photo posted on Coco's Instagram, and she's enjoying her slumber while wearing pink satin heels and earrings.

"Long day for my sleeping beauty....," the 36-year-old mother captioned her snap of her baby girl in a pink tutu and personalized Chanel t-shirt.

Coco stirred up a a debate when she first got Chanel's ears pierced in February 2016 when she was two months old.

"Guess who got their ears pierced today," Coco wrote along with a photo of Chanel and her new studs.

Guess who got their ears pierced today.. Outfit @ittybittytoes

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Instagram users were divided about the couple's choice to get their daughter's ears pierced at her age.

"I can't believe any parent would put HOLES in their baby's ears simply to be able to accessorize them," one comment read while others defended their decision and compared the choice to circumcision.

Just like her mom, Chanel also has a substantial Instagram following at 275,000 for the account that was made for her.

"I'm the youngest person on Twitter to start my page at 1 day old (run by parents)," her Instgram profile boasts. She has an impressive amount of followers on Twitter as well at 34,000.

And beyond the accessories and social media following, Chanel recently made her first TV appearance on Dr. Oz on Feb. 19.

Dr.Mehmet Oz held Chanel in his arms and gifted her a scrubs-themed onesie with "Dr. Chanel" written in sparkly letters.

On the episode, Coco got emotional while talking about her baby.

"I have a baby!" she said. "I love her. Makes me cry, when I see her, 'cause I made this little girl, 'cause they said I couldn't. And I did! Screw the haters."