According to a new report, singer Howie Day was arrested last month for assaulting his girlfriend of eight years.

Day, who is best known for his 2004 song "Collide," was said to have become violent at the Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, according to TMZ, who obtained the police report. The report said that the 37-year-old was waiting for his girlfriend, Carrie Pencek, to pick him up, and while at the curb, he was slamming his guitar case against the sidewalk. Once Peneck arrived, the singer continued his slamming, causing damage to the hatch of his Toyota RAV4.

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Pencek reportedly attempted to help Day with his bags, but he screamed at her and pushed her. Ultimately he ended up taking his luggage from the trunk of the car and throwing it on the ground. Pencek alerted a nearby officer, informing them that when her boyfriend is intoxicated, he behaves like this. At this point, Day, whom Pencek claimed was short on cash and frustrated about his stalled career, had fled the scene.

Police ended up arresting Day, charging him with a single count of fourth-degree assault. He has already pled not guilty and will appear in court later this month.

This is not Day's first brush with the law as it pertains to Pencek. He was previously arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face, but she declined to cooperate with police, so nothing ever came from it. He also faced legal trouble in 2004, allegedly locking a woman in a tour bus bathroom after she declined to have sex with him and for breaking a cell phone of another woman who was attempting to call the police on him. In 2006, he was arrested at the airport in Boston for verbally abusing the flight crew while he was under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills.