Trouble can't stop finding comedian Katt Williams lately.

After a string of nearly back-to-back run ins with the law, Katt is now in the news for getting into a violent fight with an elementary school student.

In the viral clip, the comedian, 42, can be seen in a chokehold, forcefully held down by a young boy as the gathering crowd begs the boy to release Katt.

It's not exactly clear how they got into that position, reports TMZ. The boy claims that Katt punched him in the face first, but sources connected to the "Scary Movie 5" actor insist the 7th grader attacked him first and he was in defense mode.

Katt, who is currently on bail, is facing a police investigation into the matter in order to determine whether or not he violated his bail terms.

Unfortunately, Katt has been in and out of jail over the last few years for a variety of offenses. In February alone, the comedian was arrested for punching a pool supply store clerk in Gainesville, Ga. (Katt claimed the man called him the "N" word), and five women alleged that Katt's entourage held them at gunpoint.

In March, he was accused of punching someone on stage while rapper Beanie Sigel was performing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition, a bodyguard on the comedian's team accused his boss of threatening to kill him while others in the crew beat him with a baseball bat.

In another pending case, a woman named Jamila Majesty filed a lawsuit against Williams claiming that he and a group of women assaulted her for three hours at his Malibu home. She says the event took place two years ago and the incident is under investigation.

This is just a sample of the legal troubles facing Katt Williams, and he could be facing dire consequences now that he is also under investigation for abusing a minor.