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The bizarre budding romance between Laura Dern and Common is continuing.

A new report in Us Weekly says the two are indeed "dating" and he's already met her two children, son Ellery, 14, and daughter Jaya, 11, whom she shares with musician Ben Harper.

Laura, a source tells Us, is "having fun and seeing where things go."

The two were first spotted leaving a romantic dinner at Beverly Hills' Bouchon in mid-January, but, because the coupling seemed so out-of-left-field, many wondered if the dinner date was something regarding work. However, the smiles and the outfits worn by Laura and Common suggesting that this was a more personal date.

Laura was dressed to the nines, showing off her lean legs in a black skirt and black ankle boots, hardly something to wear to a work outing. Common looked casual in black jeans and a black T-shirt with stylish taupe coat and new-looking trainers with spotlessly white laces.

"She has a thing for musicians," Us' source said.

In 2010, Laura split with Ben after being married for five years (their divorce was final in 2013.) Common, who has an 18-year-old daughter, split with tennis star Serena Williams in 2010 after a longtime off-and-on relationship.