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Coolio, the unforgettable rapper behind the 1995 hit "Gangsta's Paradise," had a severe asthma attack on stage on Feb. 24 and had to borrow an inhaler from a fan.

The rapper has suffered from asthma most of his life.

According to the New York Post, Coolio struggled on stage during an impromptu performance at Hill Country Barbecue Market in New York. However, he was able to get through his five-song set thanks to a helpful fan who had an inhaler.

"Coolio was having problems with his asthma, but someone from the audience provided him with their inhaler that he used between verses of 'Gangsta's Paradise,' and his other songs," a source told newspaper's Page Six section.

The rapper has been open about his bouts with asthma in the past.

In 2002 he told USA Today, "I had a few episodes with asthma where I was in serious trouble and could have died. I had to realize I had a chronic disease which needs to be treated for as long as necessary."

Coolio was on hand at the market to promote his cooking, which is often chronicled on television shows.

He calls his cooking "ghetto gourmand."

At the event, he served up his "Damn Hot Veggie Chili" and dished about other celebrity cooks.

"Rachael Ray is a kitchen pimp," the "Cookin' With Coolio" author told Page Six. "You know what? Paula Deen is a kitchen pimp, too. People make mistakes and say the wrong thing sometimes, I know I do so I don't hold anything against her."

In his cookbook, Coolio speaks used humor to describe the meals he makes and also grew up with as a child.

"I'm the ghetto Martha Stewart, the black Rachel Ray," he says at one point.

About an Asian-inspired dish he said, "This dish ain't just called Karate Meat because it's got an Asian kick to it. It's called Karate Meat because it will beat you up like a pigeon in prison."

In the book, he says he was always into cooking, even if he didn't have the right ingredients. "Hell, when I was growing up, I could make a meal out of a package of Top Ramen and a bottle of Windex," he hilariously said.

His meals, he touts, are "five star meals at at one-star price."