Courtney Stodden makes no bones about it, she's on Team Bieber. Heck, sometimes she might even think she's Justin Bieber.

A few days after dressing up as the "What Do You Mean" singer, the blond bombshell took aim at The Bieb's ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, throwing some serious shade at her in light of their Instagram feud.

"For god sake, really? Justin Bieber should be able to love whoever he wants," she said in a video posted to Fishwrapper. "He should be able to be with whoever he wants to be with. Doesn't Selena Gomez have a song that's like the heart wants what it wants? Obviously Justin Bieber's heart doesn't want you, Selena."

In the video, Courtney, who is still mourning the loss of her unborn baby, wears an open pink robe with a green bra and panties.

The pink wig-wearing teen bride lit up a cigarette during the video, inhaling it while blasting Selena for the feud that caused Justin to deactivate his Instagram account.

"If you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol- It should be special between you two only," Selena wrote. "Don't be mad at your fans. They love you and supported you before anyone."

Courtney is a fan, but wasn't about to take Selena's side.

"Love yourself," Courtney told Selena in her video, "obviously Justin Bieber's mom don't like you. She likes everyone, she don't like you. Move on with your life, move on with your life."

The Bieb's hit "Baby" plays in the background hilarious, but equally strange video.

Courtney's love of Justin is well known. Earlier in the week she dressed up like him and shared photos on Instagram.

"I'm a huge Justin Bieber fan so I decided to get hair infusions just at the front of my head to match his #styling #glueextentions #ithurt 🙈," she captioned the one photo.

She later posted a video of her lip synching to "What Do You Mean" while still dressed as Justin.

What do you mean? #justinbieber IM A FAN NO HATE❤️👑

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"What do you mean? #justinbieber IM A FAN NO HATE❤️👑," she said.