Daisy Ridley's workout game is stronger than ever. The 24-year-old starlet shared a video montage of her super-grueling workout on July 1, 2016, in the midst of filming "Star Wars: Episode VIII." It's safe to say she'll be in awesome shape for the flick.

"IT'S THE RETURN OF #fitnessfriday," she wrote next to a video on Instagram. "This doesn't look that intense BUT today consisted of: warm up, 3 rounds of activators, 2 circuits of 3 rounds and a finisher of 20 seconds on 10 seconds on of 5 rounds."

She added, "Really struggled and wanted to give up, @gravzy12 got me THROUGH! Feeling the strongest I've ever been! #musclyandproud (the man we say goodbye to during this is one of the incredible chiropractors that keep our bodies moving through all this training!) #excusemylanguageattheend #iwasFINISHED #timetonap #gainzgainzandmoregainz."


We started sweating from just watching this clip, and it isn't the only one. Three weeks ago, she shared another video showcasing her insane gym skills.

"#FRIDAYFITNESS IS BACK! Yes! For one week only... Cause got acting to do innit! Featuring Dr Buckle (cause we are lucky enough to have chiropractors keeping our bodies tuned up!) also featuring my first time doing get ups!!! Felt so athletic eeeeep," she boasted, justifiably.


The British star, linked to Charlie Hamblett, looks as healthy as ever in her workout vids, but she recently took to Instagram to share her struggle with endometriosis.


Daisy first starred as Rey in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in 2015, and is making her comeback in the sequel, due out in 2017.