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The Hoff finally caught a break with his alimony hassle.

After going to court over the $252,000 a year he was mandated to pay Pamela Bach in spousal support, David Hasselhoff and his ex-wife have settled on a reduced amount.

TMZ reports the "Baywatch" and veteran will now fork over $10,000 a month to his ex, who had been receiving more than twice that at $21,000 every four weeks.

David, 63, revealed in May that he was suffering financially, with only $4,000 available in cash and no way to save for the future after shelling out money for taxes, expenses and bills, including the alimony. At the time, he told the court his ticket sales for a European tour had been lower than anticipated, leaving him without the liquidity he requires to get by.

Pamela initially argued against his case, claiming his property and other assets totaled more than $120 million. But court documents showed his net worth was more like $1.79 million, most of which was in the form of real estate, cars, art, jewelry and cars rather cash.

When the pair resolved to lower the payments, they rewarded with a thank-you note from the judge, who wrote out his gratitude for the agreement in cursive in the court documents, according to TMZ.

As of June 23, the actor had yet to comment publicly on the settlement, but things seem to be moving in a positive direction for him these days. His British TV mockumentary, "Hoff the Record," snagged a deal with AXS TV for a run in the U.S. and has gotten decent reviews. In July, David returns to the small screen in the latest installment of "Sharknado," (this would be 4.0, for those of you keeping score at home). And from Dec. 10, 2016 through Jan. 8, 2017, the Hoff's slated to play Captain Hook in a UK theater production of "Peter Pan."

In May, the "Knight Rider" alum proposed to his 36-year-old girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, over a lunch celebrating their five-year anniversary and after a long, good cry, she said "yes."

David and Pamela were married for 17 years, from 1989 until 2006, when they divorced. They share two children, Taylor, 26, and Hayley, 23.