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Getty Images North America 1 / 9

From the looks of him, you would imagine David Letterman is busy this time of year.

In his retired world, the former late night host has grown a beard that has him looking like a dead ringer for Santa Claus.

David showed off his full scruff while delivering a speech on Nov. 30 at Ball State University, his alma mater. It was likely hard to listen to words, as all the focus was on his thick, distracting facial hair.

Since retirement, the funnyman has been seen sporting scruff, but he's certainly let it go a bit longer… long enough to make those in the North Pole proud.

Maybe it was for the "No Shave November" campaign. Or, maybe his retirement plans consist of making a list and checking it twice. On second thought, does anyone know if they're remaking "Castaway?"