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From the disastrous flooding in Louisiana to the recent string of attacks in Turkey to the seemingly endless outbreaks of gun violence in the U.S. and beyond, we need to help and support each other in 2016 more than ever.

That's why celebs like Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom, Kate Winslet and Nick and Joe Jonas have committed to join thousands of families and more than 2 million students in giving young people the tools to create positive, systemic change around the world through the WE Movement, a campaign that culminates with WE Day and the WE Day broadcast on Aug. 28.

The show features performances, speeches and documentary features created to help inspire participants to help transform the world into a better place through the service-oriented program.

"I'm proud to be a part of the WE Movement -- part of a community made up of world-changers who are coming together to make a lasting, positive impact across America and the world," Demi said in a statement. "WE Day will unite and inspire Americans, reminding them that there is so much good and love in the world. I live WE every day and believe that by supporting one another we can truly change the world together."

The broadcast features a slew of stars who have pledged to support the WE campaign by pro-actively impacting both their communities and the world beyond them. With each pledge taken online at, $10 gets earmarked by the WE organization to be used for what the campaign describes as "a domestic empowerment programs and sustainable development programs in communities overseas."

"I pledge to live WE—working to ensure that every girl around the world has access to an education," Natalie Portman told the organization. "We can all make a difference by the choices that we make, our actions and intentions, and by the way we treat and support others. By pledging to live WE, Americans are committing to join a collective community that is making better choices, spreading love, not hate, and working together to make the world a better place. I am honored to be a part of the WE Movement and believe that change is within each of us and that together we can change the world."

You can join Natalie, along with Kate Winslet and thousands of others in making a commitment to working with others for the greater good at

The second annual WE Day broadcast airs on Aug. 28 at 7 pm ET/6 pm CT.