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Turning a house into a home.

On the many occasions where Khloe Kardashian's home is shown on camera, whether on her many reality shows or in news interviews, her surroundings always seem to look clean and flawless.

On her subscribers-only app, the reality maven shared her home decor tips and even gave advice on where to save money, but also where you shouldn't cut corners.

"I feel instantly relaxed as soon as I walk into my house, but I'm not going to lie, it took a minute to get it perfect," she said. "When I first moved in, it was fun to decorate, but DAMN that s--- gets expensive!!!"

Some things are worth it in the long run, she says.

"I think there are pieces that are important to invest in, but there are definitely items that you shouldn't spend a ton of money on!"

According to Khloe, linens should always be "good quality." Other things you should invest in: Rugs ("Should feel soft and plush on your toes, she says) and art ("I'll keep my art forever and pass it down to my kids!," she says.)

"Greenery can revive a space!," she adds, saying that you should invest in plants. "I have a HUGE plant in my entryway that makes my house look alive!"

When it comes to silverware, "You don't have to spend a lot to get something of good quality!," the "Kocktails with Khloe" host said. "Mealtime just feels better with heavy forks, spoons and knives." However, when it comes dinnerware, she's the opposite.

"Plates and bowls can't be delicate! They get thrown into the dishwasher!," she said.

Like her everyday dishes, when it comes to her house, she skimps on a few things, including throws and vases.

"My throws get abused! If my nieces or nephews get some juice on one, no biggie," she said. As for vases, "I like simple, clear vases and you don't have to spend a lot of money, honey! I always get mine from Target."

And just because something looks pricey doesn't necessarily mean it is. Khloe uses this philosophy with her lights.

"I think a great chandelier or lighting situation can change your house," she said, "but they make so many cheap versions of designer looks these days!"

If only Rob Kardashian were allowed in her house anymore…