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Bradley Cooper, 41, and Irina Shayk, 30, had viewers bewildered during a Wimbledon match in London on Sunday, July 10, 2016, when the Russian beauty was caught wiping a tear away mid-match.

Cameras panned in on a tight shot of the couple, which made it look like Brad was giving his model gf a bit of attitude while she tried to get rid of a tear drop from the corner of her eye.

So, did Brad really make his girlfriend cry in the middle of a tennis game? Was this indeed a terrible lovers' quarrel caught on camera?

According to TMZ, the speculation is all sorts of wrong.

Apparently, Irina was just suffering from good old allergies, and her eyes were watering!

On top of that, the "American Sniper" actor was in no way throwing shade at his gorgeous lady, but just leaning over to have a quick conversation with the guy sitting next to her, former tennis pro Stefan Edberg.

My oh my, how the imagination can run wild.

Aside from that one questionable shot, the pair looked pretty happy together at all other times during the day.

They sat next to and chatted with fellow celeb Benedict Cumberbatch and his wifey, Sophie Hunter.

And, at the match on Wednesday, they even displayed some healthy PDA, with Irina kissing her man's shoulder.

Case closed on this one, folks.

Bradley and Irina were rumored to have started dating early in 2015, but confirmed their romance in August with a steamy public make out.