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The campaign diet! As Donald Trump tries to win the country's top job, he's losing something else: his waistline!

"I have actually lost 15 pounds on the campaign trail," the Republican presidential candidate told People magazine. "There's so little time to be eating. I tend to just be able to eat snacks because it's so busy and there are so many people and so much hoopla everywhere I go."

For The Donald to lose weight right now is actually quite an accomplishment, considering the campaign trail is littered with fatty foods, from burgers to pizza to donuts and just about every other guilty pleasure.

However, just because the former "Celebrity Apprentice" host is shedding weight doesn't necessarily mean he's doing it in a healthy manner. He freely admits that his chips and candy diet probably wouldn't please many dietitians.

"It's not the healthiest of eating. It's stuff I wouldn't necessarily recommend," he says. "It's grabbing anything you can find."

Often times, his hunger for the presidency supersedes his actual hunger.

"One of the reasons is I have big crowds and they're very exciting stops," he told the magazine. "And when you speak and you really are going at it, you tend to … I never thought about it, but speaking is almost a form of exercise. It's very exhilarating. Last night I was in Knoxville, Tennessee, speaking to 12,000 great people. You get so worked up, you don't feel like eating after that."

In continuing to talk about his (YUGEE!) weight loss, he knows why candidates in the past have often gained a few inches around the waist, and it has little to do with food. His explanation is very Trump-esque.

"I have lost weight because my events are so exciting. When I'm done I don't want to eat," he says. "But I could see how it could go the other way for some people. That's only because their events are boring."