You might have to call in sick after hearing this news!

Dr. Mike, the hottest doctor on Instagram, is not single after all, because he picked a real winner and is dating Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Named the "Sexiest Doctor Alive" in 2015 by People Magazine, Russian-born Mikhail Varshavski told, "I am dating Pia. It's a fairly new relationship but I'm really excited to see where it can go!"

Rumors of their relationship first swirled when the doc posted an Instagram with Pia one month ago.

"She says she wanted to be a doctor until she realized she's deathly afraid of the sight of blood 💉, so she decided to win #MissUniverse instead #touché #welldone #stoneheartday @piawurtzbach," he wrote on the photo's caption.

Pia also showed off a photo with Dr. Mike on her Twitter account after a boxing match with him.

"Zombies after boxing @RealDoctorMike," she tweeted at him to the likes of over 9,000 people.

And while she was posing in photos with him, during her live Facebook chat on March 12, she denied currently dating someone. She said that being Miss Universe remains her top priority.

"No. There's no specific someone in my life. This is the specific someone. This is the priority," she said while holding the sash.

In December 2015, Pia won her sash in what was one of the most uncomfortable live TV moments when the show's host Steve Harvey mistakenly read the wrong name and gave Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez the crown when Pia was the actual winner.

She also wins out versus Dr. Mike on her Instagram following. Currently, her hot beau is at 1.6 million while she's at 2 million and is the most followed Miss Universe ever.

This ones for you 💙 #myluckycolor

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With their combined 3.6 million Instagram followers, they are a social media power couple.

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