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Actress Drew Barrymore recently announced the end of her marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman, her husband of over three years. 

And while the "Charlie's Angels" star is putting on a brave face, sources tell Page Six the actress is in a lot of pain over the breakup. 

Last week, right before news broke of the split, an insider told the paper that Drew was spotted looking distraught during an outing at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. 

She "looked sad and was upset," according to the Page Six insider, who pointed out that, despite all of her troubles, Drew was still "so nice," and, "She was wearing jeans and looked like she hadn't showered." 

The couple isn't sharing what sparked discord in their marriage, but another source insists infidelity can be ruled out. "There was no cheating involved. Drew gave that relationship everything. She is all about family . . . She would do anything to maintain and fight for it because she wanted [a husband and kids] so badly. She did everything for that."

The source added, "[Kopelman] always wanted things his way. They're complete opposites. She's more of a free spirit and he's more buttoned-up."

The couple's official statement implies an amicable split and a focus on their children. "Sadly our family is separating legally," the statement begins, "although we do not feel this takes away from us being a family."

The couple, parents to Olive, 3, and Frankie, 1, reportedly began showing cracks in their relationship when they attended a friend's wedding on March 19. "Drew didn't seem happy in general," an insider at the Ojai, California wedding of their friend Crystal Meers told Page Six. "Drew was up from the table most of the time . . . [Kopelman] was chatting with other people. They only talked and interacted briefly."

Back in October, Drew, 41, spoke to InStyle about her marriage. "Will struck a lot of my pragmatic sides," the actress told the magazine. "He was someone who was always reachable on the phone, someone who was a classy human being, someone who had this incredible blueprint of a family that I don't have." Their marriage involved compromise and concessions, she said.

She admitted that "it was never really love at first sight."