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When Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman announced they were ending their marriage of three years, they made a commitment to prioritize the needs of their two children. But those aren't the only kids Drew's looking out for amid divorce proceedings.

As the keynote speaker at a luncheon for the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children on April 12, the actress and producer was slated to read from her 2015 memoir, "Wildflower," which details her experience building a school in Kenya.

And though her ex features prominently in the 17-page chapter from which she read, Drew opted to skip over those sections, perhaps in an effort to keep the audience focused on the charity organization's goals rather than on her split.

According to Page Six, Drew began her speech by saying, "As you women know, laughter and crying are twins," before joking, "you men are still struggling with that."

She continued, "The men will think we're crazy ... we are … but it's that craziness that evolves into compassion. We wear our hearts on our sleeves."

During the reading component of her talk, Drew reportedly breezed through the chapter as guests followed along in the books they'd been given as gifts for attending.

She left out a section that describes how when she first started dating Will and learned the new Drew Barrymore Learning Academy was ready for her to visit, she invited Will to join her -- a move that suggested he was extra-special.

"I had never taken anyone with me on these trips," reads the text she skipped. "They were very solo for me and I had yet to share any aspect of this with anyone. But I took a risk and asked Will if he would like to go with me and see it. He said an absolute 'yes,' and off we went."

Page Six reports she gracefully avoided other mentions of his name in the passage as well.

The ex-dodging came on the heels of Ciara's awkward radio silence when she froze up the moment her ex, Future's name appeared on the list of Billboard Award nominees she was reading on "Good Morning America."

For the most part, Drew's seemed relatively open and comfortable with the public nature of her break-up. Shortly after she and Will announced their plans to end things, she appeared at a festival in Northern California to promote her wine label.

Speaking to PopSugar, she said she'd recently been through "a really hard time" during which she "knew life was heading in a new direction."

Looking for tips on navigating the new situation, she recalled reaching out to someone she trusted. "I said, 'What's your advice?' And he said, 'You put one foot in front of the other.' I hung up the phone and I thought, 'That is why I call this person.'"