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The release of Screech! Former "Saved By The Bell" star Dustin Diamond has been released from jail a month earlier than expected.

Officials at Ozaukee County Jail in Wisconsin confirmed that the actor who played Screech was released early Monday morning after serving just under three months behind bars for carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct after stabbing a man on Christmas day in 2014 during a bar fight.

TMZ reported that his early release was the result of a whole lot of elbow grease.

Dustin was able to become a free man and get a month taken off his sentence by cleaning jail floors and doing laundry.

In June 2015 Dustin was convicted of the two misdemeanors. He was originally charged with a felony, but he was cleared of that.

Authorities said Dustin's girlfriend got into an altercation with another woman who was antagonizing the couple at the bar on Dec. 25, 2014. It eventually turned physical and Dustin began defending his girlfriend, which is when he pulled out a switchblade knife.

A police report said the actor "stabbed another male patron and left the bar in a white SUV with his 27-year-old girlfriend. Officers quickly located the suspects and their vehicle, and took both into custody." The statement added, "Further investigation revealed the suspects were in the Grand Ave Saloon where an altercation took place… [and] escalated to the point where a victim was stabbed by the 37-year-old suspect. The knife was recovered in his vehicle."

The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries.

He began what was to be a four-month jail sentence in mid-January.

After the conviction, his attorney, Thomas Alberti, praised him for accepting his "new reality."

"I've got to say I'm really proud of him," Thomas said of his controversial child star client. "He gets it. I think he did the best that he could in the moment that he had to make the decision, but he certainly understands that you don't want to send the message to society that it should be the Wild West in a bar scene."

A bar scene isn't Bayside High or The Max, either.