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Tailed! Tony Dovolani said he had a bit of a shadow while he was competing with Leah Remini on "Dancing With The Stars" two years ago, and that shadow was The Church of Scientology.

The Ukranian dance pro told TMZ that he learned a lot about the church from Leah, but, sort of through osmosis, he became somewhat of a target because of his famous dance partner and Scientology defector.

"I know I was followed a few times," Tony told TMZ. "They try to find anything they can on a person and try to use that against them … They were trying to create any type of thing that they wanted to like a rumor or whatever."

Usually he was followed in vehicles, but he says the couldn't find any dirt of him because, as he says, "I'm a happily married dude." During the impromptu interview, he even said he was never really scared of the tail.

Leah has been the church's public enemy No. 1 even since leaving and beginning a crusade against the organization and its most famous member, Tom Cruise. This fall she released a scathing book, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology," that criticizes the church. Tony actually had a copy on his person and encouraged everyone to read it.

"You really want to read this book because it does opens your eyes to a lot of injustice that's being done," he said.

During Leah's nonstop promotional tour for the book, Tony was often at her side.

The Church of Scientology told the New York Post that Tony's claims, much like Leah's claims, are preposterous.

"This is nuts. It never happened," a church rep said in a statement. "Like we have said before, this is just another publicity stunt for her book."