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One good deed deserves another, as far as Ellen DeGeneres is concerned.

The talk show host rewarded a 17-year-old named Tristin Budzyn-Barker with $10,000 for finding and returning Chris Hemsworth's lost wallet fully intact recently, cash and all.

Along with the good Samaritan, the "Huntsman: Winter's War" actor was on Ellen on Monday to detail the incident, saying he left his wallet in an airport restaurant and had basically accepted the idea that it was long gone once he realized his mistake.

"I thought, 'I'm never going to get it back. I'm never going to see it again,'" he said.

Enter Tristin, who found the wallet and looked inside to see if he could locate the owner. He was starstruck when he saw the identification of who it belonged to.

"When I found out it was yours, I looked up at my mom and said 'Mom! Do you know who this is? We found Thor's wallet!'" he told Ellen as Chris laughed.

Rather than keep it as a Hollywood memento, Tristin did the most superhero thing he could do: he looked at the address on the ID and mailed it back to the superstar actor.

"I expected it was going to be empty, but all the cash was in there," Chris said, pulling out all of the money from his wallet, "so I want to give the cash as a gift." Chris even padded the wad of cash with a few more bills, saying, "There's a little extra in there."

"Well it's empty now!" Tristin, who builds shelters for horses, joked with a huge smile on his face, as his parents sat in the audience, tears rolling down their face.

Aside from the cash, Chris also wrote his wallet retriever a thank you letter to help him earn the rank of Eagle Scout that he's been working towards.

Finally, Ellen, with the help of Shutterfly, decided it was time to up the ante (and prove that karma is real!) by gifting the teen with $10,000 for his college education after finding out he had sold some of his horses to pay for his tuition.

Karma people, it's a real thing.