Invite your squad over and get your wine and stretchy pants ready! The twelfth season of "The Bachelorette" debuts May 23, 2016, and thanks to the wonders of social media we already have some hints about how JoJo Fletcher's season will go down.

While spoilers already abound all over the internet, we here at want to stay spoiler-free. After playing detective, we're rounding up the tidbits we know about this upcoming "Bachelorette" season sanctioned by ABC and "The Bachelor" creator himself, Mike Fleiss.

The first thing we learned... JoJo's batch of guys are crazy, as evidenced by this Mike Fleiss tweet.

Mike lets us know that they're "wild," and that there's already a clinger in the bunch. We're putting our money on the hipster.

Now one of the best parts of every season is the cheesy way the contestants introduce themselves after exiting the limo. We've seen a lot over the last 14 years (yes, we've really watched every single season), but typically the ones who go with crazy stunts don't get very far. This all changed during Ben Higgins' season, since JoJo emerged in a wacky way -- wearing a unicorn mask. According to Mike's tweets, someone may have followed suit.

Alright, we'll see how far that gets him.

The "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" creator also clued us in on another thing to look out for this season --there will be a lot of facial hair.

One of these bearded hopefuls is also going to score a one-on-one date!

We also got a sneak peek of the fashion, when Mike shared a snap of JoJo's dress choice for a rose ceremony.

She sure loves her a red dress, doesn't she?

One of the juiciest tidbits? Early on there's already beef between the men! Mike tweeted about the early squabble not long after the second rose ceremony took place.

Think we're not going to be promised that it's not "the most dramatic" season ever? Think again. Mike used the comically overused "Bachelor" phrasing about a group date.

Another promise? There will be abs! Mike tweeted about a pool party, in which we are assured some eye candy. Hopefully contestant Christian is involved!

There will be more fighting! Some of the guys apparently really aren't fans of each other.

There will be appearances by NFL players! Mike shared this photo of JoJo and spoiled that Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, and other Pittsburgh Steelers players will be on the show this season.

But don't worry, fellas. It's not only eye candy for the ladies this season. Mike also raised this bold question -- is JoJo the hottest "Bachelorette" ever?

Now last season, Ben uttered "the L word" to both JoJo and winner Lauren Bushnell. Will JoJo be more cautious this season? We don't know who it came from, but we do know "love" is in the air this season.

And that it might go both ways?

But are all the guys there for the right reasons? In "Bachelor" terms we all know what that means... so is anyone there just for the fame?

Tears? Man tears? Alright, maybe this really will be the "most dramatic" season ever.

But we couldn't expect the creator of all of this amazing TV drama to just give it all away. Mike was very vague about the outcome of the show.

So there you have it! It sounds like we're in for a season full of fights, tears and roses... and we can't wait!