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Farrah Abraham is apparently for sale when it comes to sex -- for the right price, of course.

That's not hyperbole, either.

During an interview with the "Allegedly" podcast which aired on Tuesday, the controversial former "Teen Mom" star said that she would consider having sex for a huge chunk of money and she gets offers all the time.

She sets the mark at about $20,000 for a night.

"Show up one night... and then peace," she said, "I'll be gone."

Farrah, never one to beat around the bush, said the "majority" of guys want to get in bed with her are celebrities, but that doesn't interest her because, as she so eloquently puts it, "They suck at life. They suck at everything."

She's more interested in a "hardcore business guy."

Politicians, "especially mayors," hit on her, too, she says.

Last month Farrah appeared on "Million Dollar Matchmaker" and told Patti Stanger that she wanted a "Christian" man.

"Definitely not a man-boy, a full-grown man, good Christian values," she said of her kind of guy, "I wanted someone who could equally support me in all of my endeavors since I am so diverse and [someone who's] understanding that I've been in adult entertainment."

Patti previously told People magazine that Farrah, was "trying to get her away from the sex industry."

"I love that Patti was an excellent role model and encouraged me to be my best Farrah - so no more 'Fallen Farrah,' more about 'Fabulous Farrah,'" the mom of one said. "And I really am happy that we talked about the adult entertainment and some of those things. I think it's helped me process and move forward in my life and be better on the dating ground."

But not everyone is fan of Farrah, which isn't surprising.

This past week, "Botched" doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow said that Farrah is "difficult" to work with. Last year Farrah approached them after she suffered an allergic reaction during a lip procedure. She immediately put her doctor on blast online.

"When you have someone that puts things on social media and can be a little bit difficult for someone to deal with, it made us think twice about things," Dr. Nassif told TheAshley.com.

Dr. Dubrow said the previous doctor actually didn't "botch" the procedure as Farrah claimed and certainly didn't merit the online shaming.

"She had a reaction to procedures done properly, and I think she felt that maybe they weren't necessarily done properly," he said. "Things can go wrong, so it's important that anyone who wants to do something like this understands that."