Fireworks are still going on between Ruby Rose and her girlfriend Harley Gusman, as evidenced by their holiday PDA, which was shared on social media.

On July 4, Harley shared a pic of the two smooching at Taylor Swift's celeb-heavy bash.

"Magic," she captioned the photo of the kiss.


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Ruby and her Harley have now been dating for about a month and they often appear on each other's social media feeds, proving that they both aren't shy about their romance. But, while she know all about Ruby, thanks to her breakout role in "Orange is the New Black," her girl knows a thing or two about being in front of the camera, as well. Here are five things we know about Ruby's new 24-year-old girlfriend Harley Gusman.

1. She's a model. Of Russian and Irish descent, Harley has been featured in ad campaigns for both Visual Apparel and The Hundreds. She also appreciates models, whether they're high end models or so-called Instagram models. "I've always admired women and their shape and their beauty. I think I've learned to love having my picture taken because it's like I gain a new sense of confidence and pride," she told The Hundreds. "I so support women taking pictures of themselves when they want to feel sexy - whether it's a selfie, a candid, or a posed shot. It's important to feel beautiful. Other than that, I really love photography - any way I can participate, I'm there."

2. She's an entrepreneur. Harley is the co-founder, Vice President and head of marketing at Truly Organic, which is a line of USDA Organic personal care products launched two years ago. Just before launching the line, she said, "I couldn't be more excited."

3. She's outdoorsy. Harley may be spending a lot of time with Ruby in Los Angeles, according to their social media, but she's a outdoors girl at heart. "I love anything that involves being outside," she told The Hundreds. "I like camping, yoga, great food. Cooking straight from the ground is another hobby (garden root)… little things like picnics get me excited." She also raved about a trip to Yosemite National Park with her mom.

proud of this 1. @rubyrose

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4. She's a Florida gal. Harley was born in Miami, but she's less about the glitz of the city. Her favorite thing about the area is the "hidden spots." She said, "When Miami becomes quiet/peaceful, I realize how beautiful it is and how lucky I am."

come back alert.

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5. Her future involves Hawaii. After all, she did say she loves being outdoors! Asked what she wants to do when she grows up, she said, "I want to be in Hawaii spending every day learning how to surf… and eventually just getting better at it. I want to be exactly who I am now, just seeing new sights and new places."