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A month ago, after Rob Kardashian got down on bended knee and proposed to Blac Chyna, it was widely reported that she will take the name Angela Kardashian after the two wed.

Her real name is Angela White, but Rob's future baby mama has set the wheels in motion to officially become a member of Kardashian clan, through marriage at least. The model has filed legal papers to trademark the name "Angela Renee Kardashian" for use in entertainment services, television and movie appearances, living as a "social media celebrity," and in hosting parties for profit (looking at you, Las Vegas!) When you think about it like that, Blac Chyna is already like a member of Kris Jenner's famous brood.

Here are four ways that Chyna is already like a Kardashian:

— What would a Kardashian be without a reality show? The moment that Rob and Chyna announced that they were expecting a baby, TV networks lined up to offer them their own show. E!, for obvious reasons, has the inside track. TMZ reported over the weekend that Rob and Chyna have been offered a seven-figure deal for the rights to capture their romance and foray into parenthood together.

— Her child, King Cairo, is a part of the family. Ok, so the 3-year-old isn't officially a member, but he may as well be. Cairo's father, Tyga, has been dating Kylie Jenner, so the child knows all about being raised the Kardashian way. Cairo has also hung out with Rob several times, and he even celebrated Rob's 29th birthday with him at Legoland.

— She's social media savvy. Like any Kardashian girl worth her weight in online presence, Chyna knows what she's doing online. Chyna is fiercely active on Instagram (6.2 million followers,) Twitter (613,000 followers) and Snapchat. On Instagram, especially, she constantly updates her page with images of her and Rob or her makeup line or her fashion tips. Using her page for business and pleasure, while trying to turn a profit for all of it? Really, it doesn't get much more Kardashian than that.

— No one knew her before she was the friend of someone famous. Think back to, oh, 2007. Paris Hilton was all the rage in those days, but there was also a brunette bombshell who palled around with her. That girl's name was Kim Kardashian. With the help of Paris (as well as a sex tape and OJ Simpson connection), Kim's name was thrust into public consciousness. Without Paris, though, Kim probably wouldn't be Kim. After Kim hit it big, she started hanging out with another brunette, a girl she befriended. No one really knew the woman at that time, but she palled around with Kim. They were nearly inseparable. That girl's name was Blac Chyna. Full circle, friends, full circle.