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Ghosts know no boundaries and care not about state lines.

According to Jason Biggs' wife, Jenny Mollen, a ghost and his dog haunted the couple all the way from Los Angles to New York (Yes, you read that correctly).

The New York Times bestselling author and "Chicago Fire" actress spoke to Us Weekly about the ghostly encounter that had them hightailing it out of town.

It all started when the couple suspected paranormal activity from a door eerily being open when it shouldn't have been.

"I told Jason to go close that door," she said. "He closes the door or whatever, he leaves the room."

Fifteen minutes later, though, the door was open again.

"I spoke to a psychic and she told me maybe it was a ghost dog with an old man partner. Not kidding," she told the magazine. "I can deal with the dog, but the old man partner has to go. I'm not going to be able to live here with the old man partner."

After the psychic reading, Jenny said the couple and their 2-year-old son, Sid, just couldn't stick around so she sold the home after "a lot of chaos ensued" and they moved across the country until the haunting senior and the canine spirits left them.

"I don't mess around," she said, admitted she basically sold the home without telling Jason. "When there's a ghost around, I'm out. I can't deal with the afterlife."

Unfortunately, she believes the ghosts followed them.

"You know in 'Jaws' when the shark follows her from Amity Island down to the Bahamas? I thought maybe the ghost followed me to New York."

(Melissa McCarthy and the crew: This is your cue.)

In New York, though, the possible invisible forces weren't the only problem for Jenny. Her neighbors nicotine habit became an issue for her, too.

"I did decide that my neighbors needed to stop smoking because I thought they were giving us cancer," she said. "I may or may not have broken into their house using my fire escape, and had a confrontation with them."

The haunting and the smoking spat are all chronicled in Jenny's newest book, Life Fast Die Hot.